Today marks the end of the first week of school here in many parts of the county. As this day comes to a close, I am aware this is a time of transition for so many. Parents, kids, teachers, the community at large are all experiencing a shift that will require patience, support and encouragement.

When a woman is in labor and she enters the transition stage of labor she experiences what some refer to as the most intense part of labor.  A birthing mom needs active support to navigate this stage of labor. Given reminders that she is not alone, that she is doing well, that her body was perfectly designed to birth her baby are encouraging and empowering.

We all need encouragement when navigating transitions in our own lives. School starting, our kids growing up and choosing different activities to participate in, completing drivers’ education or choosing a boyfriend are recent reminders to me that life is often about transitions. Reminders to myself to be patient, breathe, treat others respectfully, including myself have been part of my internal dialogue and what I have found to be soothing during this time.

Reaching out to your network of friends, implementing a different script for your internal dialogue that is encouraging, encouraging others around your by using respectful language, acknowledging that which you appreciate about yourself and others internally and out loud are some options for managing the transitions you experience in life. Asking directly for what you want and need will go far in meeting the need for support. Remember you are not alone as you transition and acknowledge the experience of transition for those around  you.

Happy Transitions!

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2 Responses to Transitions

  1. Kathleen says:

    Exactly what I needed to be reminded of today. Thanks for the awesome words of support and challenge.

  2. Emily says:

    I look forward to reading more from you, friend.

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